UVO eServices App Overview


Mobile App

Before You Begin...

  1. Download the free UVO eServices app.
  2. Ensure you have registered a free account on MyUVO.com.
  3. Launch the UVO eServices App, and log in with your credentials.
  4. If you have more than 1 KIA vehicle in your account, choose the vehicle you are currently using.

Roadside Assistback to top


    Roadside Assist allows you to select an issue with your vehicle, type a description and send it to Kia's call center. Once the call center receives this, the phone will establish a phone call and the operator will see the issue you select and note as well as your VIN and location.

    Parking Minderback to top


      Parking Minder allows you to view the location you sent from the vehicle to your smartphone and more.

      My POIsback to top


        From here, you can download the POIs you added on MyUVO or sent from the Google Maps website to your smartphone.

        MyUVOback to top


          From here, you can view the results you sent from your latest diagnostic check, view upcoming maintenance and more.

          Maintenanceback to top


            The Maintenance page shows you the upcoming items that are recommended to complete. To mark these items as complete, select the MyUVO icon and browse to Maintenance.

            Settingsback to top


              From here, you can set your scheduled diagnostics reminder, change your vehicle and log out.